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Tumor Assessment Using RECIST 1.1 Criteria and Alternative Criteria for Immuno-oncology Trials

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Understanding Novel Response Patterns of Immunotherapies

Immunotherapies display novel response patterns that affect the design of imaging based studies and the subsequent evaluation of imaging data. Applying traditional chemotherapy-based response assumptions to immunotherapy trials can result in inaccurate interpretation of response, premature therapy termination, and unnecessary removal of subjects from a trial. Our unique solutions for medical image analysis and management and iBiopsy® for imaging phenotyping, together with our global team of experts, are advancing the development of new drugs and diagnostic tools to monitor disease and assess response to therapy.

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How automation can improve data consistency/value, and streamline study workflow

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iBiopsy® Lung Cancer Screening: a unique AI powered end to end CADe CADx SaMD for early diagnosis

Yan Liu [1], Benoit Huet [1] – Affiliations: [1] Median Technologies, 1800 Route des Crêtes, 06560 Valbonne, France.

Présenté le 28 Nov. 2021 au RSNA AI Theater – Réunion annuelle du RSNA, 28 Nov. –  2 Déc. 2021, à Chicago, IL, USA. Cette présentation apporte une vision de la performance d’iBiopsy® Lung Cancer Screening CADx portant spécifiquement sur la caractérisation du cancer pulmonaire de stade 1.

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