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Understanding Novel Response Patterns of Immunotherapies

Immunotherapies display novel response patterns that affect the design of imaging based studies and the subsequent evaluation of imaging data. Applying traditional chemotherapy-based response assumptions to immunotherapy trials can result in inaccurate interpretation of response, premature therapy termination, and unnecessary removal of subjects from a trial. Our unique solutions for medical image analysis and management and iBiopsy® for imaging phenotyping, together with our global team of experts, are advancing the development of new drugs and diagnostic tools to monitor disease and assess response to therapy.

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RECIST 1.1 and lesion selection: How to deal with ambiguity at baseline?

Antoine Iannessi [1], Hubert Beaumont [1], Yan Liu [1], Anne-Sophie Bertrand [2] – Affiliations: [1] Median Technologies, Valbonne, France. [2] Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grâce, Monaco

The goal of this paper is to provide insights for radiologists faced with equivocal baseline abnormalities and to raise awareness of the potential risks arising from such situations regarding the outcome of clinical trials using the RECIST evaluation technique.

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