Lung cancer fast facts:

Biggest cancer killer

Number 1 cancer killer globally – responsible for 18% of all cancer deaths in 2020, equal to colorectal and liver cancer combined1

1.8M deaths in 2020

Responsible for 1.8M deaths in 2020 – with 2.4M projected in 20301

Just 18% survive
5 years

More than 40% cases diagnosed at stage IV, when 5-year survival is <10%. Only around 20% of cases are diagnosed at stage I, when 5-year survival rate is 68-92%2

Lack of diagnostic accuracy is a major hurdle for screening program implementation and adherence

Lung cancer prognosis is the poorest of all common cancers, largely due to a high proportion of cases being detected at an advanced stage

A stage shift in lung cancer diagnosis would have a dramatic impact on lowering overall mortality

Median’s eyonis™ LCS

Unrivalled AI/ML Software as Medical Device (SaMD) enabling early lung cancer diagnosis with unprecedented performance

  • End-to-end AI/ML tech-based CADe CADx for early diagnosis in lung cancer screening programs

  • Indicated for the detection, localization, and characterization of pulmonary nodules into suspicious/malignant

  • Unprecedented sensitivity and specificity versus standard of care

  • A radiological CADe device is “intended to identify, mark, highlight or otherwise direct attention to portions of an image that may reveal abnormalities during interpretation of images by the clinician”. A CADx device is “intended to provide information beyond identifying abnormalities, such as an assessment of disease”. Source: FDA

    Additional indications

    Liver cancer

    Very early hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)

    Liver fibrosis

    Liver fibrosis in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)

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    Median Technologies unveils a new identity, including a new name, logo, tagline for its iBiopsy® AI/ML tech-based suite of software as medical devices (SaMD) and business unit, as part of an extensive rebranding initiative. iBiopsy® becomes eyonis™.


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    First results of Median Technologies’ iBiopsy® HCC detection AI model developed on the PHELICAR Clinical Data Registry, to be presented at the ESMO Congress(Oct 20-24, 2023, Madrid, Spain)


    Median Technologies announces onboarding of all academic sites involved in the pivotal validation plan for iBiopsy® LCS CADe/CADx SaMD