Corporate Policies

Corporate Policies

  • Anti-corruption / antibribery policy

    At Median Technologies, our unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct is the cornerstone of our operations. Corruption, in any form, has no place within our organization. This Anti-Corruption Policy (the “Policy”) serves as a steadfast reminder that our people must prioritize ethics in all their endeavors when representing Median Technologies, conducting themselves with honesty and integrity.

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  • Antitrust and competition policy

    Fair competition and the market are core values for Median Technologies. As a company with international business activities, Median Technologies is committed to implementing high standards of compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in force in the various countries where it operates. Fair and correct behavior in competition is mandatory for every employee.

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  • Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

    The purpose of this Code is to guide and direct Median Technologies’ business and operations toward compliance with ethical standards; therefore, this Code shall be binding upon the shareholders, all directors and independent auditors, all its employees, including the top management, as well as those who, despite not being employed by the Company, operates directly or indirectly for the same e.g. agents, collaborators in any capacity, consultant, suppliers, business partners … Ethical standards and rules are essential in the course of the Company’s business.

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