About us

We are Median, and we are focused on improving the lives of patients through innovation

We apply our clinical expertise, proprietary technologies and mastery of data science to generate valuable insights from medical images for oncology drug development and patient care.

We provide invaluable clinical insights where others see only images

We deploy proprietary artificial intelligence, computer vision, and signal processing technologies to develop imaging tests and services, addressing life-threatening unmet medical needs. We transform images into meaningful, actionable insights to help better diagnose, treat, and monitor patients.

Our iCRO image analysis and management solutions help biopharma companies drive their oncology clinical studies toward successful approval.

With eyonis™, our AI-powered imaging platform for the development of software as medical device (SaMD), we enable clinicians to diagnose patients earlier and monitor diseases throughout the patient journey.

At Median, we extract value from medical images, for biopharma companies, CROs, health professionals, and ultimately patients

  • Clinical trials

    • Boost competitive advantage with rapid, value-added, accurate image analysis
    • Identify the most promising oncology compounds early with proven AI-driven image insights
    • Unlock the power of advanced image data to inform decisions and optimize trial success
    • Enhance clinical trial image management and drive efficiency, from study start up to submission
  • Oncology drug development

    • Validate drug candidates’ mechanism of action
    • Discover predictive imaging biomarkers
    • Select early-stage patients
    • Select the most appropriate patients for clinical trial inclusion
    • Monitor disease progression
    • Develop companion tests
  • Precision diagnosis

    • Deploy next generation automatic AI/ML tech-based CADe/CADx SaMDs
    • Enhance diagnostic performance vs standard of care
    • Help clinicians achieve the most accurate diagnosis at the earliest disease onset
  •  Median is unique

    220+ studies

    Our track record in managing oncology trial images is unparalleled: 220+ studies including 70+ phase 3 studies, and 10 regulatory approvals for over 80 biopharma clients worldwide

    Our unique clinical expertise

    Our unique clinical expertise in oncology imaging is applied to both drug development and patient care

    230+ professionals

    Our 230+ professionals from 26 different countries are committed to improving patients’ lives

    Europe, the US and China

    Our teams in Europe, the US and China are driving clinical trial operations at a local level

    2,500+ clinical sites

    Our iCRO activities have allowed us to connect to 2,500+ clinical sites in 28 different countries to follow oncology trials

    500 scientific publications

    Our Artificial Intelligence and Data Science team has authored or co-authored more than 500 scientific publications.

    Median is a global business

    People everywhere need better answers to cancer

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    United States
    Boston, MA



    Global health issues, global markets, global reach

    We deliver on a global scale. Since our inception, we have built trusted partnerships with renowned medical institutions around the world and have established strategic collaborations with a number of leading technology industries. Our iCRO business contracts with more than 2,500 clinical sites and health institutions worldwide, and our reach spans the USA, the world’s largest healthcare and drug development market, across Europe, and into Asia, an increasingly important region for clinical development and healthcare.

    Median Executives & Board Members

    The Median team consists of over 230 highly qualified professionals. We work in many different roles and have a wide variety of expertise, and a single shared vision. We are all dedicated to the provision of innovative imaging solutions to those advancing healthcare for all.

    There is no greater satisfaction than knowing we make a difference. Our work has the potential to help save or improve the lives of millions of people.