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Medical images reveal the disease as it really is, at every stage and allow to monitor its evolution in a non-invasive manner. Harnessing the true power of medical images is key to accelerate clinical innovations, drug development and improve patient care. Since 2002, Median has been expanding the boundaries of the identification, analysis and reporting of imaging data in the medical world, with a dedicated focus on cancer and other chronic diseases. We are at the heart of innovative imaging solutions to advance healthcare for everyone and unlock the power of precision medicine.

Median Technologies is a leading medical imaging company

We deliver on a global scale. Our reach stretches worldwide, from the USA, the world’s largest healthcare and drug development market, across Europe, and into Asia, an increasingly important region for clinical development and healthcare markets. Our company is listed on Euronext Growth and our shareholding structure reflects our global reach, with major shareholders from China, the USA, Japan and Europe.

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CEO and Founder
Fredrik Brag

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Advanced medical imaging solutions

We, at Median, provide state of the art imaging services for oncology trials and AI medical imaging capabilities that reveal novel insights into previously unreachable knowledge. Our two proprietary platforms iSee® for imaging services in clinical trials and iBiopsy® for image-based non-invasive diagnostics, leverage the power of medical images for accelerating therapeutic innovations and improving cancer patient care.

Since our inception, we have built trusted partnerships with luminary medical centers all around the world and strategic collaborations with leading technology industries. We are a game changer and we are making a difference: our blend of science, technology, operational excellence and quality standards enables a unique approach on how medical images can unlock the power of precision medicine and lead to better outcomes for cancer and other chronic disease patients.

Our core values

As individuals and as a team, we are guided by four core values that are essential to us: leading innovation with purpose, committing to quality in all we do, supporting our customers in achieving their goals, and putting the patient first. These values define who we are, what we do, the way we do it, and what we, as Median Technologies, aspire to. We strive to apply these values in the relationships we have with one another, our customers and partners, and the solutions we provide. This is what it means to be a part of Median Technologies.

Our core values

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We are changing the way images are used in clinical trials, and patient care; extracting the highest quality, most advanced non-invasive imaging biomarkers so it becomes the standard for developing new therapies, diagnosing disease and treating patients. It is what drives us to keep pushing the boundaries of what our unique, specialist knowledge and technologies can achieve. In our day-to-day work, there is no greater satisfaction than making a difference that has the potential to help save or improve the lives of millions of people.

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Our governance

Our management team federates world-class expertise at the crossroads of Artificial Intelligence, Image Analysis and Data Science, with an applicative focus on patient care and drug development.

Our Board of Directors shares its vision across industry, finance and healthcare and pharmaceutical business to ensure the strategic steering of the company.

Management team

Board of directors