Clinical Trials iSee® Viewer

iSee® Viewer

Guide major decisions with a 360° view of data-driven clinical trial images and data

Get to Know Median’s iSee® Viewer

For over one decade, life science organizations have relied on Median iCRO to manage their clinical trial images and data. Built by imaging experts for imaging experts, iSee® Viewer, our clinical trial imaging analysis and data management platform provides a continuous 360° point-of-view with valuable insights for every single image associated with a study.

Harness comprehensive, connected image views and data in one smart platform

Gain expert oversight of clinical trial images with our proprietary, flexible solution that simplifies, automates image reads, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Median iSee® Viewer:

  • Automatically identifies, measures, and tracks lesions across all time points
  • Extracts more data from images than any other system
  • Delivers the highest quality data for more informed decisions
  • Reduces human error and missed lesions
  • Decreases result variability

Our data-driven, fully integrated imaging platform handles with ease every single clinical trial imaging management need from secure data collection and archiving, quantitative image analysis, central review workflows to study close. Informative iSee® Viewer image data related to your trial will help guide major development decisions, now and into the future.

Focus on the Evaluating New Oncology Treatments with iSee® Viewer

With Median you can harmonize complex and disconnected image data to gain smarter insights, ultimately improving business and patient outcomes.

iSee® Viewer extracts standard and novel biomarkers using multiple imaging criteria. Our technology enables you to focus on new oncology therapies, including immuno-oncology drugs, and can be customized based on specific clinical trial needs.

Our industry-leading platform, iSee® Viewer stays on top of your clinical trial images, data, and insights, helping you gain a competitive advantage in the crucial oncology drug development space.

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Median iCRO

As a global market leader in oncology clinical trial imaging, Median iCRO helps life science companies transform imaging data into life-changing insights.

Our innovative tools and techniques, and scientific and domain expertise have set a new standard in leveraging clinical trial imaging insights, improving the probability of oncology R&D success.

Median Imaging Lab

Get more value from your clinical trials with our new transformative solution, Median Imaging Lab.

Using AI, ML, data mining and radiomics you can extract much more from clinical trial images than the industry has ever seen before. Our insightful image data enables you to select the most appropriate patients, predict response to therapy, and accurately monitor disease progression and efficacy of treatments.

iSee® Portal

Benefit from having real-time, robust clinical trial image reporting at your fingertips.

From site management, image collection, data management and reads, our reporting boosts operational performance, manages risks, and keeps you on top of your study’s imaging workflow.

Explore what we can do for you to help improve the lives of cancer patients and their families.

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