Clinical Trials iSee® Portal

iSee® Portal

Advance medical research and discovery with greater transparency utilizing unsurpassed clinical trial imaging reporting technology

Get to Know Median’s iSee® Portal

When it comes to being well-informed about your oncology clinical trial imaging workflows, Median’s iSee® Portal is the right foundation for you to be more data driven, agile and strategic.

Purpose-built from the ground up, our configurable solution is intuitive, easy-to-use and mines the clinical trial study image workflow to provide detailed visualizations and robust reporting. iSee® Portal helps minimize trial costs, reduce delays, and increase accuracy – all while boosting efficiency and reducing reader variability.

Simplify and optimize the clinical trial imaging workflow with intelligent visualizations and operational reporting

Site Management
Image Collection
Data and Queries Management
Reads Management

With Median iSee® Portal you can:

  • Identify risks or issues for immediate preventive or corrective actions
  • Easily monitor imaging operational data and quality metrics in real-time
  • Limit reader subjectivity
  • Reduce inter-reader variability
  • Increase accuracy and reproducibility
  • Manage both routine and advanced imaging biomarkers

Gain Efficiencies and Boost Operation Performance

Maximize value and reduce risks with the right clinical trial imaging reporting tool. Put Median’s iSee® Portal to work for you today.

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Median iCRO

As a global market leader in oncology clinical trial imaging, Median iCRO helps life science companies transform imaging data into life-changing insights.

Our innovative tools and techniques, and scientific and domain expertise have set a new standard in leveraging clinical trial imaging insights, improving the probability of oncology R&D success.

Median Imaging Lab

Get more value from your clinical trials with our new transformative solution, Median Imaging Lab.

Using AI, ML, data mining and radiomics you can extract much more from clinical trial images than the industry has ever seen before. Our insightful image data enables you to select the most appropriate patients, predict response to therapy, and accurately monitor disease progression and efficacy of treatments.

iSee® Viewer

Gain expert oversight of clinical trial images with our proprietary, flexible software that helps identify, quantify, and track lesions across all time points.

Reduce human error and cover a wide range of solid tumors across cancer indications.

Explore what we can do for you to help improve the lives of cancer patients and their families.

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