• [Podcast] – Shaping Results through Imaging: Addressing Variability in Oncology Trials 

    This is an excerpt from our podcast “Shaping Results through Imaging: Addressing Variability in Oncology Trials”.   Listen to full version of the podcast here : Connor Anderson – Project Manager II, Median Technologies: Thank you for joining this podcast. We are going to start the interview by setting the stage. Can you describe the role imaging […]

  • [Podcast] The Competitive Advantages Of AI-powered Clinical Trial Imaging to Advance Human Health

    This enlightening discussion delves into how artificial intelligence (AI) can advance oncology clinical trials, ultimately leading to improved care and outcomes for patients, guided by sponsors committed to pioneering advancements in oncology clinical trials. Learn more about:• Advantages of AI-powered imaging for sponsors and patients, using lung cancer as the framework for discussion• Finding early-stage […]

  • Median Technologies’ Head of Imaging Lab, Sebastien Jacques, explores 5 Transformative Ways AI-Powered Imaging Can Positively Impact Oncology Clinical Trials

    In this article, written by AI Imaging expert and Head of Imaging Lab at Median, Sebastien Jacques, we explore 5 incredible ways imaging AI is reshaping the landscape of imaging in oncology clinical trials. 1. Enhanced Image Analysis Traditionally, medical images acquired during clinical trials are interpreted by human experts only. Given the amount of […]

  • The Difference Between Imaging Biomarkers and Imaging Endpoints

    In clinical trials using imaging, biomarkers and response criteria are used to assess the tumor evolution with therapy.  We have often heard these terms used interchangeably but the distinction between the two is important in a clinical trial with imaging.  Imaging biomarkers are often root contributors to a clinical trial’s endpoints, but they are not the same.

  • The Value of Standardized Quality and Performance Metrics in Clinical Trials

    The Value of Standardized Quality and Performance Metrics in Clinical Trials It’s not just tumor measurements that matter! Quality and Performance Measurements are critical too. Imaging biomarker metrics are not the only measurements that matter in oncology imaging trials. Quality and performance metrics are just as important and necessary for running a successful clinical trial […]

  • Medical Imaging Response Criteria: Morphological Measures

    Different types of medical imaging response criteria: morphological measures In oncology clinical trials, therapy is generally assessed using imaging response criteria involving imaging biomarkers. Imaging response criteria are used to define a “treatment response” status, used by the radiologist to evaluate whether the response to therapy is complete or partial or conversely, if the disease […]