MEDIAN to take part to the Imaging in Cancer Drug Development Conference (March14-15, 2012, London)

Sophia Antipolis, France

MEDIAN Technologies (ALMDT), a leading services provider for images interpretation and management during oncology clinical trials and software provider for medical imaging,  announces its participation as sponsor to the 8th Annual Imaging in Cancer Drug Development Conference, to be held next March 14-15th in London, UK.

During this conference, MEDIAN Technologies will make a presentation entitled “Toward better imaging interpretation and management to leverage oncology clinical trial success rates”. Today, images are used as surrogate endpoints in cancer drug development but their prominent role triggers new clinical and technological challenges ; the presentation will deal with the leading role of medical images in oncology clinical trials and will emphasize the significance of an optimized image interpretation and management workflow in this therapeutic area.

MEDIAN Clinical Trial Imaging Services (CTIS) offer as well as MEDIAN Lesion Management Solutions (LMS) portfolio will be presented on the MEDIAN booth during the conference.

The Imaging in Cancer Drug Development conference allows pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and imaging CRO to review imaging practices and emergent technologies which enable to optimize oncology clinical trials.

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