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Press release – For immediate release –  8:30 am CEST

Liquidity Contract Transfer to Louis Capital Markets

  • Shares Concerned: Median Technologies (ISIN: FR0011049824)
  • Relevant Market: Euronext Growth Paris

Median Technologies is announcing that on March 30, 2020, it concluded a new liquidity contract with the Company Louis Capital Markets in accordance with the Amafi charter. The contract will take effect on the morning of May 4, 2020.

This liquidity contract was concluded in accordance with the decision of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers No. 2018-01 of July 2, 2018, applicable since January 1, 2019, establishing liquidity contracts on equity securities as a permitted market practice[1].

The End of the Liquidity Contract with AUREL BGC

The companies Median Technologies and AUREL BGC terminated the liquidity contract that was concluded on May 4, 2011. This termination took effect on April 30, 2020 in the evening.

On this date of April 30, 2020 in the evening, the following means appeared in the liquidity account:

  • €173,829.64 in cash.

It should be recalled that as of December 31, 2019, the following resources appeared in the liquidity account:

  • €141,002.52 in cash.

Regarding the implementation of the new contract concluded with LOUIS CAPITAL MARKETS, the following resources have been allocated to the liquidity account:

  • 4,404 shares transferred from the old liquidity contract,
  • €173,829.64 in cash from the old liquidity contract.

[1] The situations or conditions leading to the suspension or termination of the liquidity contract, mentioned in the liquidity contract, are as follows:

Suspension of the contract: – Under the conditions referred to in article 5 of the afore-mentioned AMF decision. Termination of the contract: – At the end of the first 6 months of the first year, the Contract can be terminated at any time by the Issuer, with a 15 day notice under the conditions for closing the liquidity account provided for in the liquidity contract .- By the Animator, with a 15 day notice. – The contract is automatically terminated when the parties cannot, in the situation provided for in article 3.4 (balance of the liquidity account), agree on the action to be taken on the Contract. – By the Facilitator when the Liquidity Provider contract which binds the Moderator to Euronext Paris is terminated.


Download 20200504_PR_liquiditycontract-1.pdf

About Median Technologies

Median Technologies provides innovative imaging solutions and services to advance healthcare for everyone. We harness the power of medical images by using the most advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies, to increase the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment of many cancers and other metabolic diseases at their earliest stages and provide insights into novel therapies for patients. Our iCRO solutions for medical image analysis and management in oncology trials and iBiopsy®, our AI-powered software as medical device help biopharmaceutical companies and clinicians to bring new treatments and diagnose patients earlier and more accurately. This is how we are helping to create a healthier world.

Founded in 2002, based in Sophia-Antipolis, France, with a subsidiary in the US and another one in Shanghai, Median has received the label “Innovative company” by the BPI and is listed on Euronext Growth market (Paris). FR0011049824– ticker: ALMDT. Median is eligible for the French SME equity savings plan scheme (PEA-PME). For more information:


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