Go Beyond What You See™

iBiopsy® reveals novel insights into previously unreachable knowledge. The cloud-based iBiopsy® research and development platform exploits multimodal Artificial Intelligence technologies and Data Science to meet the promise of precision medicine through cutting edge medical image analysis. The challenge is to improve patient care and treatment efficacy. iBiopsy® and associated services address multiple clinical indications.

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iBiopsy® ambition

Harnessing the true power of medical images is key to accelerate therapeutic innovations and foster precision medicine. iBiopsy® extracts the utmost meaningful visual signatures from standard medical images (CT, MRI etc.) allowing learning and knowledge discovery through cutting edge Artificial Intelligence approaches.

Our disruptive approach

Medical imaging reveals the disease through multiple signals, at every stage. Performed non-invasively for the benefit of patients, mining these signals allows for the most accurate detection, monitoring, diagnosis and prediction. Our strategy is to extract proprietary statistical image signatures with a lesion-agnostic paradigm, considering the organ as a whole. This approach enhances tissue coverage, which provides more detailed information at the pixel level, and improves image interpretability when compared to a standard lesion segmentation approach:

  • Advanced proprietary multimodal AI algorithms
  • Enrichment of image description capabilities beyond traditional radiomics
  • No prior lesion segmentation
  • Image signatures coverage of the whole organ
  • Full web DICOM compliant environment

Median’s iBiopsy® platform supports translational research through AI powered imaging biomarker identification, and informs clinical decisions using CT Scan similarity search and analytics to compare with real-world evidence for patient profiling.

iBiopsy® platform services

Median Technologies has developed the iBiopsy®cloud-based software platform to:

  • Empower translational research with AI powered Biomarker identification tools, and
  • Inform clinical decisions using CT scan Similarity Search for patient profiling services.

iBiopsy® provides access to archived medical images and data storage and retrieval system capabilities via the Internet to perform cloud-based radiological image analysis. This approach opens new perspectives for medical and scientific research in medical imaging by developing advanced online software tools and services, complemented by a set of expert consulting services.

Multiple-modal AI for Biomarkers identification

iBiopsy® combines multiple AI approaches allowing high risk patient prediction and identification. An image signature mining approach enables the description and modeling of tumor host environment, tissue heterogeneity and intratumor heterogeneity together with the tumor micro-environment (TME) quantification.

iBiopsy® considers the organ as a whole, not just a subsection, and does not require prior segmentation. Our proprietary platform analyses tissue heterogeneity to reveal patterns/signatures to that are foundational to biomarker identification. Acting as surrogate endpoints, these signatures are particularly useful to:

  • Predict response to therapy
  • Stratify patients
  • Monitor early drug response
  • Call for further objective analysis & quantifiable measurements prior to formal FDA approval as Biomarkers

Comparison with Real-World Evidence

A similarity search engine allows for the comparison of a patient’s CT to the CT Scans (and EHR) of other patients, identifying a population with similar phenotypes. Clinical records of this population are then analyzed to perform a statistical profiling of the patient, revealing not only odds of clinical outcome, but also different likelihood rates across multiple clinical indicators (e.g. clinical and histological features, treatment, outcome…). This is particularly helpful to inform clinical decisions to adapt the course of treatments and facilitate patient profiling.


Look Beyond What You See™

The PhenoIDX™ fully-fledged online services leverage the latest iBiopsy® technological advances and scientific findings to deliver proprietary solutions able to optimize patient care and accelerate drug development. Median’s PhenoIDX™ services range across multiple organs, e.g., PhenoIDX™ Liver, PhenoIDX™ Lung.Empowered with the latest medical image analysis software tools, PhenoIDX™ users can access, store and retrieve information from online medical images secured repositories and perform multimodal medical imaging analysis, to support non-invasive diagnosis and prognosis for personalized medicine. Median Technologies’ team are fully dedicated to provide assistance on PhenoIDX™ services as well as recommendations on novel medical imaging analysis solutions.

Benefits for patients

The iBiopsy® platform is driven to significantly improve patient care and journey. Spanning out across multiple clinical indications (Liver, Lung, Breast…), PhenoIDX services can:

  • Perform disease diagnosis at the earliest stages, allowing timely clinical intervention, thus improving drastically patient overall survival,
  • Limit invasive and painful interventions (such as biopsies) to perform accurate diagnosis and prognosis,
  • Anticipate odds of recurrence to define adapted therapies,
  • Predict patient response to treatment, hence channeling patients to the most appropriate therapy or combination therapy,
  • Inform clinical decision based on real world evidence,
  • Facilitate drug development and clinical trials, allowing faster access to new treatments.

Strategic collaborations

iBiopsy® Biomarker identification is performed through strategic partnerships with clinical and pharmaceutical stakeholders (ex: joint laboratories). It is our hope to identify biomarker signatures across multiple pathologies. To that end, Median Technologies is developing strategic collaborations worldwide, tailored around mutual translational research agendas.

iBiopsy® is currently focusing on Liver Diseases (HCC, NASH)

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