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iBiopsy®, as a unique end-to-end AI-powered technology software, automatically integrates and optimizes the entire medical imaging workflow.
iBiopsy® supports radiologists and clinicians in the screening and early diagnosis and treatment of the most serious diseases worldwide.

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iBiopsy®: our ambition

Offer to patients suffering from the most serious diseases a precise early diagnosis, better care and outcomes. Thanks to the continuous research and development of our unique non-invasive AI-powered digital biomarkers, we support radiologists and clinicians, improving diagnostic accuracy.

iBiopsy® provides an optimized workflow with unprecedented reduction of invasive exams.

Our unique multi-disease approach

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide. 1.8 M deaths in 2020 and this number is projected to grow to 2.4 M in 2030. This type of cancer has a 5-year survival rate of 18%. To battle this poor prognosis early detection is vital.[1]

HCC (hepatocellular carcinoma) represents 90% of primary liver cancer that is the 3rd leading cancer in terms of mortality worldwide. Its number of deaths is also rising globally and will reach 1,1 M in 2030 with a 5-year survival rate of 10%.[1]

NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) is the liver manifestation of a metabolic disorder [2] that causes severe and chronic liver inflammation and fibrosis [3]. A patient with NASH is believed to be at high risk for developing liver cancer [3]. NASH is now classified as a pandemic by the WHO and affects an estimated 1.5 to 6.45% of the world’s population. Diagnosed in its early stages, NASH is reversible [1].

Our team of experts aims to change the diagnostic imaging paradigm of these three severe conditions by developing novel digital biomarkers with unprecedented diagnostic accuracy.

This approach unveils unseen patterns in medical imaging and improves interpretation supporting radiologists, pulmonologists, hepatologists, and oncologists by optimizing the entire MRI and CT workflow for:

  • Lung cancer screening
  • HCC early diagnosis
  • HCC recurrence prediction
  • NASH diagnosis and scoring

Median’s iBiopsy® AI-powered diagnostic software supports clinicians with an end-to-end technology by providing unrivaled accuracy, early diagnosis and treatment, and avoiding unnecessary invasive procedures to patients.

[1] Global Cancer Observatory (https://gco.iarc.fr/)
[2] https://www.the-nash-education-program.com/what-is-nash/
[3] https://health.ucsd.edu/news/releases/Pages/2021-06-01-diet-plays-critical-role-in-nash-progressing-to-liver-cancer-in-mouse-model.aspx

iBiopsy® software features

iBiopsy® integrates the most advanced AI deep-learning technologies drawing on Median’s expertise in the fields of data science and medical image processing.

iBiopsy® AI technology for novel non-invasive digital biomarker identification.

Thanks to the discovery of novel cutting-edge proprietary digital biomarkers, iBiopsy® is a powerful support to interpret multiple imaging modalities.

Our proprietary software analyses tissue heterogeneity to reveal previously unexploited disease patterns and signatures to provide diagnosis direction through a structured report.

Clinician’s benefits

iBiopsy® is an end-to-end AI-diagnostic software focused on lung cancer screening, HCC early diagnosis, HCC recurrence prediction, and NASH diagnosis and scoring.

It aims to support radiologists, pulmonologists, hepatologists, and oncologists optimizing medical imaging analysis workflow. iBiopsy® helps clinicians to provide an accurate diagnosis, decreasing false-positive and false-negative rates, improving patients’ lives, and reducing healthcare spending.

Patient’s benefits

At Median, putting the patient first is one of our strongest core values. iBiopsy® has been developed to help people at risk or suffering from the most serious diseases worldwide by providing AI-powered diagnostic software with high accuracy. Thanks to the continuous commitment of our team, with iBiopsy® patients will no longer undergo unnecessary invasive and costly exams to receive an accurate early diagnosis and treatment.

Strategic collaborations

Median signed a first framework collaboration agreement with Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, the first university hospital center in Europe, and we announced in February 2021 the signature of a collaboration agreement with the University of California San Diego, which is world-renowned in medical research and the management of liver disease. Signing clinical partnerships will continue in the short and medium-term. In the medium term, our strategy is to also set up industrial technology and biopharmaceutical partnerships which will allow the worldwide deployment of iBiopsy® and will underpin our marketing strategy.

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