New awarded projects and new contracts for image interpretation and management in clinical trials totaling €4.09M

Sophia Antipolis, France

Three projects awarded* -including two Phase III studies- sponsored by a European biotech company and a Top 25 pharmaceutical company.
Two contracts signed for a Phase I/II study and a Phase II study sponsored by two European biotech companies.

MEDIAN Technologies (ALMDT), a leading medical imaging solutions and service provider for image interpretation and management in oncology, announced today that it has been selected to provide imaging solutions and services for five new clinical studies in oncology. These five new projects total approximately €4.09M and include the following:

  • Awarded projects:
    • A phase III study (gastric cancer) for a total of €1.75M
    • A phase III study (rare and aggressive cutaneous cancer) for a total of €1.51M
    • A phase II study (melanoma) for a total of €335K
  • Contracts:
    • A phase I/II study (liver cancer) for a total of €394K
    • A phase II study (primary central nervous system lymphoma) for a total of €103K

The five studies are sponsored by major European biotech companies that specialize in oncology and immuno-oncology and that are new MEDIAN Technologies’ clients, and by one Top 25 pharmaceutical company, that is already a client for MEDIAN Technologies.

*A project award is a notification announcing that the company’s solution has been selected for a specific project. This should result in a signed contract within 18 months, subject to upstream clinical results.

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