Sophia Antipolis, France

The Poitiers University Hospital has chosen MEDIAN LMS for the diagnosis and follow-up of cancer patients. The Poitiers University Hospital is the leading and referral cancer care center in the entire Poitou-Charentes region.

MEDIAN Technologies (ALMDT), a leading medical imaging software solutions developer and a service provider for image interpretation and management in oncology clinical trials and clinical practice, today announced it has signed a contract with the Poitiers University Hospital. The contract was concluded in the context of the patient care market, one of the two primary markets where MEDIAN Technologies is positioned and in which the company provides its Lesion Management Solutions LMS.

Under this contract, the oncology imaging software application LMS will be primarily deployed in the Radiology Department of the hospital, and will be available on workstations connected to the PACS [1]. MEDIAN LMS is a comprehensive suite of software modules for the review of images and the assessment of response to therapy of cancer patients. MEDIAN LMS will provide radiologists with new means to optimize patient diagnosis and treatment and will complete the catalog of expert imaging applications and tools available to physicians, including oncologists.

“The Poitiers University Hospital is the regional referral medical center for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. With the constantly increasing demand for oncology imaging, we needed a imaging solution for detecting, measuring and monitoring cancerous tumors. We chose the MEDIAN LMS solution for its accuracy, its ergonomics and its effectiveness in measuring patient response to treatment,” said Professor Jean-Pierre Tasu, Head of the Poitiers Hospital’s Radiology Department. “This solution, integrated with our PACS, will optimize our diagnostic performance.”

We are especially proud of this contract and enthusiastic about our relationship with the Poitiers University Hospital,” said Sylvain Chognard, Sales Manager for France at MEDIAN. “The Poitiers University Hospital is the regional reference treatment center for cancer patient care. Our LMS solution will be used transversally from the radiology department to the medical oncology department, which will bring benefits to the entire process of patient care. We are convinced that this transversal implementation of LMS, linking radiology and oncology to optimize the evaluation of treatment response, will become a reference for many major institutions worldwide.”

LMS is a comprehensive suite of software solutions for the assessment of cancer patient response to therapy from medical images. MEDIAN LMS assists radiologists and oncologists to optimize the diagnosis, treatment and the follow-up of cancer patients

[1] PACS: Picture Archiving and Communication System

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