Sophia Antipolis, France

MEDIAN Technologies, the leading provider of clinical applications for quantitative management of treatment responses in oncology imaging, today announced that it had obtained “Innovative Company” accreditation from OSEO (the French state innovation agency). This accreditation enables innovation-focused French investment funds (Fonds Communs de Placement dans l’Innovation) to invest in MEDIAN Technologies and enjoy a number of fiscal advantages.

MEDIAN Technologies has ISO 13485 certification – the internationally recognized quality standard for the medical device industry. The company’s LMSs gained FDA approval in 2007 and a class IIa CE mark was awarded in 2010. The LMSs are used by key opinion leaders in over 102 centres in Europe, theUSAand (most recently ) Australia.

“Receiving OSEO Innovative Company accreditation emphasizes MEDIAN Technologies’ focus on innovation and proves the relevance of our software solutions and services. In fact, our solutions provide the pharmaceutical industry and physicians with essential tools based on new-generation biomarkers, which help detect cancerous lesions early and optimise patient follow-up“, commented MEDIAN Technologies’ Chairman and CEO Fredrik Brag.

Cancer is now the world’s leading cause of mortality, with 12.4 million patients affected every year and 7.6 million deaths per year. These figures are set to double by 20301 and there is strong demand for solutions which can improve diagnosis and treatment. Whilst medical imaging is an important tool, standard methods for image interpretation do not enable all lesions to be detected and optimally monitored over time.

MEDIAN Technologies offers the pharmaceutical industry and the medical world a number of integrated LMSs which help interpret medical images and thus improve the diagnosis and monitoring of cancer patients. The LMS software automatically quantifies the lesions and allows the flexible, effective management of lesion-related information. In combination with high levels of automation and standardization, the LMS uses biomarker identification to assist with lesion detection, interpretation, quantification and monitoring over time.

MEDIAN Technologies’ solutions represent a true revolution in imaging-based medicine by enabling a paradigm shift from the subjective evaluation of medical images (biased by variability in lesion selection and response tracking) to quantitative, objective, optimized interpretation.

MEDIAN Technologies is targeting the oncology clinical trial market, its primary market, and the cancer patient care market.

About Lesion Management Solutions (LMS)

Lesion Management Solutions detect, evaluate and follow-up lesions identified in computed tomography (CT) scans. The LMS performs a number of measurements automatically (such as lesion dimensions, volume and density); these parameters are used in both routine clinical practice and during clinical trials to evaluate patient responses to cancer therapies.

LMS solutions are adaptable and compatible with all CT scanners. They can be integrated into heterogeneous IT environments and easily installed on sites with very diverse equipment and software configurations.

MEDIAN Technologies’ LMSs are provided as “software as a service” ; they are web-based, fully distributed (with cloud computing) and available anywhere in the world.

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