Median Technologies inks a research collaboration agreement for lung cancer screening programs with Xingtai People’s Hospital, Xingtai City, China

Press Release – For immediate release – 5:45pm CET

Median Technologies, The Imaging Phenomics Company® (Paris:ALMDT) announces today a research collaboration agreement with Xingtai People’s Hospital, Xingtai City, China. Within the frame of the agreement, Median’s MediScan® image analysis technology will be used to conduct lung cancer screening programs organized under the aegis of Xingtai People’s Hospital in Xingtai City. These programs are critically important to improving the health of the people of Xingtai City since the incidence of and mortality associated with lung cancer have increased dramatically in China and become a nationwide public health issue, giving rise to an increased burden on patients, healthcare professionals, and society.

Healthcare professionals at Xingtai People’s Hospital will use MediScan® for the identification and monitoring of suspicious nodules found in pulmonary CT scans of asymptomatic patients. Thanks to the use of MediScan® in screening programs by Xingtai People’s Hospital, the population of Xingtai will have access to cutting-edge software technology based on artificial intelligence principles, specifically designed to transform the identification and management of cancer lesions found in medical images.

Median’s Mediscan® technology provides advanced functionalities for the automated detection, quantification and follow up of various abnormalities, including suspicious pulmonary nodules, visible in CT images. The technology will enable Xingtai People’s Hospital health professionals to optimize the detection of pulmonary nodules in screened populations, enabling earliest detection of suspicious lesions in patients. Many medical reports and scientific publications show that early detection of lung cancer greatly increases the chances for successful treatment [1].

‘’We are pleased to establish this important collaboration with Xingtai People’s Hospital. Recent reports estimate that in 2015, there were 4.3 million patients newly diagnosed with cancer and more than 2.8 million patient deaths in China, with lung cancer being the most common cancer and the leading cause of death [2]. A core value at Median is putting the patient first and as such we are developing innovative technologies aimed at supporting the identification, screening and monitoring of this important patient population,’’ said Jeanne Hecht, Chief Operating Officer at Median Technologies.



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