Sophia Antipolis, France

MEDIAN Technologies today announced the new finalization of its LMS applications portfolio installation at Hospital Universitari i Politècnic La Fe in Valencia, Spain.

This installation follows a sale performed as part of a local business action between MEDIANTechnologies and AGFA Healthcare Spain. On-site deployment of LMS solutions has been carried outthrough LMS solutions integration into AGFA Impax PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System).

The new university hospital of La Fe is now one of the biggest public health structures in Spain and also the most recent one. Open to the public since February 2011, the hospital includes state-of-theart medical equipment platforms, which LMS solutions are now part of.

MEDIAN LMS solutions will be used there in a clinical and translational research context as well as in radiologists’ daily practice, both for the follow-up of cancer patients, and for detection and follow-upof pulmonary lesions in other patients.

« We are very satisfied and proud of this success mainly for three reasons”, Gérard Milhiet, Executive Vice President and Co-founder of MEDIAN reports. “First, we are delighted to be chosen by Hospital La Fe, one of the most impressive medical imaging platforms of Spain. Then, our aim is to contribute with AGFA Healthcare Spain to good practices in pulmonary and oncologic imaging working with the medical team under the aegis of Pr. L. Marti-Bonmati. Finally, from a more technical point of view, we demonstrate once again the great capacity of our LMS clinical applications to be fully integrated into heterogeneous and multi-manufacturer environments”. “We intend to promote this prestigious reference among other health structures in Spain and beyond”, Gérard Milhiet concludes.

Download LMS-at-La-Fe-Hospital.pdf