Poster presented at the ESMO 2020 Virtual Congress | September 17, 2020 |Poster Display Session 1936P

For tumor response assessment in oncology trials with radiology, the baseline (BL) evaluation is critical as the selection of target lesions (TL) determines the quality of follow-up. The RECIST workgroup provided a method and recommendations for: 1) selecting TL and non-target lesions (NTL) for reporting disease evolution, 2) choosing up to 5 targets, with a maximum of two per organs. In the practice, the selection of TL is subjective; non-malignant (NM) lesions might be mistaken as TLs. The objectives of the study are 1) to analyze the impact of selecting non-malignant lesions as target lesions at baseline, and 2) to present recommendations to mitigate risks in clinical trials.