28 February 2017

Hosted by: Median Technologies

Presented by:  Dr. Robert Ford, Clinical Trials Imaging Consulting, LLC

April 26, 2017

Three-dimensional, volume-based measurements address some of the inherent limitations of unidimensional RECIST measurements, provide additional measures of efficacy for modern drug classes, and allow for earlier detection of therapeutic response. Early studies indicate that volume-based measurements are both medically meaningful and add value to a clinical trial. Volume measurements can be easily incorporated into existing clinical trial workflows using segmentation software, that also improves trial efficiency and reproducibility.

What you will learn in this webinar:

The Difference between Routine Versus Advanced Endpoints

More about Volume-Based Endpoints and When to Use Them;

Making Volumetric Tumor Measurements:The Nuts and Bolts

Adding Value to Clinical Trials: Are Volumetric Assessments a True Reflection of Drug Response?

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