Message from the CEO

“This is a global effort to advance healthcare for everyone. Thank you for your contribution, it matters.”

Through its groundbreaking medical imaging solutions, Median Technologies is bringing imaging phenomics to Precision Medicine and patient care with more accurate diagnostics and individually targeted therapies. By directly focusing on the disease phenotype with imaging biomarkers, we allow the patient to benefit from the best adapted treatment with the least side effects.

We leverage the latest image processing technology, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data cloud-computing platform and advanced predictive analytics to provide insights into novel therapies and treatment strategies. Our unique solutions, iSee® for image analysis and management for oncology clinical trials and iBiopsy® for biomarker discovery and disease phenotyping,  together with our global team of experts, are helping to advance the development of new drugs and diagnostic tools to monitor various diseases over time and assess response to therapy. We correlate biological events with phenotypic effects to create unique imaging signatures of diseases and treatment responses. This allows us to develop individualized therapies for patients.  Providing valuable insights that support their care is our number one goal.

Our technology and our services used in several hundred hospitals, countless cancer centers and private health organizations, have now been adopted by a number of the Top 10 global pharmaceutical companies as well as biotechnology companies. These companies, use Median’s technology and solutions in their clinical trials. Median’s solutions play a key role in the evaluation of the new cancer therapies, treatments for liver disease and much more. The insights that are gained from using Median’s technology and expertise supports the goal of bringing care options to patients faster and with reduced cost.

We know that we cannot do this alone. As such we create partnerships that are built on aligned goals, differentiation, and mutual trust. We use these partnerships to support our biopharmaceutical customers and health care partners bring new treatments to patients in need more precisely, quicker and with an eye on reducing overall care costs. This is how we are helping to create a healthier world.

This is a global effort to advance healthcare for everyone. Thank you for your contribution, it matters. We thank you for being part of our ongoing success story.

Fredrik Brag