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Median in the media

  • iBiopsy® for Precision Medicine

    Check out our paper published in the European Medical Journal on December 13, 2018 in order to educate the oncology specialists across Europe and the US as to the high-throughput artificial intelligence powered image-base phenotyping platform, iBiopsy® ->


    A high-throughput artificial intelligence-powered image-based phenotyping platform, iBiopsy® (Median Technologies, Valbonne, France), which aims to improve precision medicine, is discussed in the presented review. The article introduces novel concepts, including high-throughput, fully automated imaging biomarker extraction; unsupervised predictive learning; large-scale content-based image-based similarity search; the use of large-scale clinical data registries; and cloud-based big data analytics to the problems of disease subtyping and treatment planning. Unlike electronic health record-based approaches, which lack the detailed radiological, pathological, genomic, and molecular data necessary for accurate prediction, iBiopsy® generates unique signatures as fingerprints of disease and tumor subtypes from target images. These signatures are then merged with any additional omics data and matched against a large-scale reference registry of deeply phenotyped patients. Initial applications targeted include hepatocellular carcinoma and other chronic liver diseases, such as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. This new disruptive technology is expected to lead to the identification of appropriate therapies targeting specific molecular pathways involved in the detected phenotypes to bring personalised treatment to patients, taking into account individual biological variability, which is the principal aim of precision medicine.

  • Median named on CIO Review’s annual listing of 20 companies at the forefront of providing Pharma & Life science tech solutions and impacting the market

    Median Technologies is named on CIO Review’s annual listing of 20 companies at the forefront of providing Pharma & Life science tech solutions and impacting the market. In a related interview,  Median COO, Jeanne Hecht, shares her insights on the company’s mission to help biopharma and healthcare providers better diagnose, monitor and treat patients through cutting edge image analysis as they unveil Imaging Phenomics.

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  • Global career strategies for the 21st century

    About the importance of understanding cultural differences in Business – According to Jeanne Hecht, COO at Median Technologies, “Working around the globe requires self-awareness, a knowledge of other cultures and, more importantly, building real connections”. Read the full article here

    Source: UNC KENAN-FLAGLER website, date of publication: May 17, 2017

  • New Trends in Medical Imaging

    Medical imaging is a Life Sciences sector that will benefit from digital technologies and artificial intelligence. More and more players in the field are looking at disruptive and customized technologies for image acquisition and interpretation, in order to better diagnose diseases, but also to detect, monitor and prevent them with an improved efficiency. This Biotech and Finances Newsletter’s article is a great length discussion on the topic with Arnaud Butzbach, Chief Technology Officer at Median Technologies

    Source: BIOTECHFINANCES – #766 – Date of publication : April 24, 2017

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