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Press Release – For immediate release – 05:45pm CEST – Disclosure of total number of voting rights and number of shares in the capital at April 30, 2018, pursuant to article L-223-8 II of the French “Code de Commerce” and 223-16 of the AMF’s General Regulations Total number of shares 11,974,903 Number of real voting rights* (excluding treasury shares) 11,930,495 Theoritical number of voting rights* (including treasury shares**) 11,951,703 (*) Class E preference shares…

Median Technologies launches ImageBank™ – New service offering enables efficient medical image collection and storage for Phase I oncology clinical trials.

Revenues increased 21% to €7.69 million for the full year 2017. Net new business of €14.69 million, increased backlog by 23% to €23 million for the full year. Cash and cash equivalents are €28.29 million, as of December 31, 2017